Apple aka Apple Monkey

β€’ Loves Green Apples
β€’ Charismatic and Funny
β€’ History Buff

Apple is very loving and is always loved by everyone. He’s shorter, smaller and slower than the other monkeys. He’s the special monkey with special powers. We find that he has the ability to keep everyone loving and together. He loves to eat green apples, very sensitive to people and usually needs encouragement. Apple is very charismatic, funny and has a very distinctive voice with a lisp. He’s very strong with a great sense of smell. He has a great memory and is very good at history, He is also a bit gullible, he's the follower of the monkeys.

Apple will teach you all about loving yourself the way you are. He’s a very special monkey that will teach how every one of us possess something very special and how we are all lovable. He will teach children to be themselves and to have courage

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Meet Apple Monkey.


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