Smarty aka Pineapple Smarty

β€’ Loves Pineapples
β€’ Intellectual and Wise
β€’ Can’t Climb Trees
β€’ Stylish Sneaker Head

A Genius who lacks common sense. The only monkey that wears sneakers and can’t figure how to climb trees most of the time. He’s very frugal, conservative, speaks with proper English, loves to read and study things. He’s the guy that will always teach the monkeys about science, math, english, cultures, geography, ,astrology, biology and many other things. He is always alert and has a high level of anxiety at times. He is also stylish and loves to eat pineapples

He will teach children the do's and don'ts as well as right from wrong. He will also teach the importance of school and education.

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Meet Smarty Monkey.


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